Biological breeding and Organic farming

The “biological breeding farm” is a farm which respects the well-being of the animals, of the environment and of the end user.

It recently arises to give an answer to the shortcomings of intensive farming. The biological method aims to the return to a correlation between farm and land, and to a management which considers the environment and the nature of the animal.
The increase in the consumption of biological meat follows the Italian, as well as international, trend of the citizens to pay close attention to these products, that are certified through an accurate control system guaranteeing the respect of the regulations currently ruling this production method.

In order to certify and label a food product as “biological”, the raw material has to come from organic farms, plus the entire process of transformation, production, conservation, storage and commercialization, has to be carried out with a biological method too and under the strict control of the bodies responsible for verifying compliance with the regulations in force.
As well as the biological agriculture, also the biological breeding has to comply with specific rules to be defined as such and to respect some standards.

Among the main characteristics of the biological farm:

  • The number of animals bred has to be proportional to the surface available. The breeding farm depends on the land for the food, as well as the land depends on the breeding for the precious nutritive elements that it gives to the soil improving its quality;
  • The barns must have a minimum surface and characteristics which respect the animals. The breeding farm must consider the access to external areas whenever the animal wants and the climate conditions allow it. The barns must have a covered area and an exposed one in order to offer to the animal some rain, wind, and sunburns protection, potentially due to the long exposure to sunlight;
  • The races bred must be indigenous ones since they adapt better to the environmental conditions. Breed selection is not allowed, as well as genetic manipulations;
  • The animals feeding has to be done exclusively with vegetable organic products, preferably produced by the farm itself or by farms located in the same area. The natural growth rhythms of the animal must be respected, without speeding them up in any ways through the use of growth stimulators/hormones. The diet of the animals bred with a biological method has to be balanced accordingly to the nutritional needs of the species considered.

The biological breeding farm complies with regulatory criteria defined by the European Union included in the CE Regulation 1804/99 and on a national level with the D.M. n. 91436 of 4 August 2000.