Electronic Speciality

Eliopig works since more than thirty years with the aim to simply farmers life, and the complete automation of the systems represents the maximum expression of this objective.

The remarkable dynamism in the technologies sector and the constant seek of the best solutions have led Eliopig to create an internal laboratory of research and development, where all the products are designed, developed and realized.

The software managing the systems, result of the know-how matured in more than thirty years of activity, are of Eliopig property.

The Eliopig strength is the absolute competitiveness of our products:

  • The ability to adjust to the farmer’s needs through the development of personalized solutions;
  • The efficiency of the assistance offered, that goes from the best solution choice to the problem solving in daily breeding management.

Nowadays all the farms have machineries that works independently, relieving the breeder from heavy duties; however, these machineries must be properly managed by computers and electronic control units.

Eliopig helps the customer suggesting the best technological solutions in the electronics sector.
All the electronic products are manufactured, assembled and programmed ex-novo in the internal laboratory, as well as the software of systems management, result of the know-how gained in over thirty years of activity.
In this way, the strength becomes the absolute competitiveness of its own products from which comes out the assistance efficiency. The results are: flexible, always updated and easy to repair, products; flexible because you can adapt them to the farmer needs; updated as they can be transformed on the basis of new regulations; easy to repair as they are totally manufactured by Eliopig.

AWNZ is the brain: it allows to manage different type of system with multiple functionalities, adapting itself to the wide variety of existing systems. The Software and the Hardware, totally realized by Eliopig, allow a constant evolution and adjustability to various needs.
The Eliopig remote systems “CRU” can transfer some functionalities of the main system, such as: management of green corn, medicated (small quantities, high precision), whey cleaning, mini-feed mills etc.; or they can implement specific functionalities of your system.
Eliopig offers a wide range of control units that varies from the automatic control of the ventilation, of the heating and cooling system, to the management of alarms, lamps, etc.
The ECOMAX echographer carries out the pregnancy diagnosis with a possibility of use up to 2 hours of continuous operation, images savings and potential printing. 
Eliopig is able to provide dashboards of automation and process management, personalized depending on the application and the end use environment, besides weighing and dosing systems, carts of weigh pigs, liquid and dry medicated dosing systems.