Livestock Equipment

Eliopig is a leading manufacturer of livestock equipment.

Since more than thirty years, the company installs animal breeding facilities (the pig farmer is its main customer), with particular attention to the different stages of the animal growth (farrowing room, Gestation, weaning and fattening). In each sector the technologies operate to ensure ideal temperature and ventilation conditions inside the barns; the livestock equipment ergonomics is designed and engineered in order to offer to the animals an optimum comfort.
As an evidence of the continuous growth of Eliopig, during the last years the company has further expanded its range of products realizing plants dedicated to the calves farmers too.

Eliopig pens for the boars housing are made of tubular 40x40 mm and stainless steel plates. The troughs are made of stainless steel too, and the feeding system can be offered both for the liquid and the dry feed.

Feeding systems for dry and liquid feed

Eliopig offers different solutions for the dry feeding system: chain conveyor systems equipped with the pulling unit, angle pipes, drains and/or dosing systems of different types accordingly to the different stages of the breeding farm. For the calves farmer, Eliopig offers a special stainless steel hopper ideal for the management of the animal feed made of pellet, straw and flakes contained in the bags. 

The solutions offered for the liquid feeding are various and designed ad hoc depending on the project. The preparation systems (Kitchen) can be made up of  one or more tanks and the automatic distribution occurs by means of centrifugal pumps and/or screw pumps, stainless steel pipes Ø1”1/2 – Ø2” and diaphragm, ball or electrical valves. The feeding management is carried out by the AWNZ computer. All the feeding systems components are produced by Eliopig itself.

Gestation with sow separation

Eliopig, besides offering lowered sow stalls and different models of pens for the gestation, has introduced a new and innovative group housing system for the sows which are free in a unique gestation stall equipped with separation units.

The “separation unit” recognizes, by means of a transponder, the sows that are ready to deliver and it moves them into a selection area where the operator can easily identify and transfer them. Every feeding station, with a combined separation system, can manage up to 50 sows.

For the boar pen an “heat detector” is available, i.e. the electronic system that reveals the continuous sows approach to the boar itself, determining the heat return.

Farrowing and weaning

Eliopig offers the optimal solutions for the farrowing and weaning stages too, like:

  • farrowing pens, with hot galvanized iron or stainless steel AISI304 structure; the trough is made of stainless steel, while the flooring of the farrowing stall can be done in multiple configurations of cast iron, reinforcing galvanized round/triangle-shaped bar, polypropylene or plastic coated mono-block.
  • weaning pens for the piglets made of perimeter tubular 30x30 mm with welded stainless steel AISI304 Ø16 mm vertical tubes; alternatively, they can be made with 7 horizontal tubes Ø1” or with plastic walls 3,5 cm thick. 

Growing and fattening

Eliopig has a wide range of growing pens, they are normally made with perimeter tubular 30x30 mm with welded stainless steel AISI304; alternatively, they can be made with 8 horizontal tubes Ø1” or with plastic walls 5 cm thick.

Eliopig has many different offers for the fattening stage too, they vary from pens made with 6 stainless steel AISI304 Ø48 horizontal tubes to pens with a inox 30x30 mm structure and welded round vertical tubes Ø25 mm. The troughs are made of stainless steel.

For all the solutions proposed, a feeding system for both liquid and dry feed can be provided.

There is often the need to integrated the pigs diet with some grease; this fact has lead Eliopig to develop a machine called “GRASSATRICE” which performs the function of storage and dosing of solid greases of animal origin. The dosing can be carried out in the mixers of the dry feed and in the liquid mash. This machine is carefully built with a robust stainless steel AISI304 plate and insulated in order to avoid heat dispersion, it guarantees:

  • Unaltered product quality;
  • Hygiene of the product;
  • Duration over the time.

The lard temperature management occurs with a heating plates system by means of hot water circulation and/or electric coils.

Natural and forced ventilation

Eliopig offers the ideal solution to guarantee correct air exchanges by means of its natural ventilation systems, manual or completely automatic, regulated by a mechanization with stainless or aluminum levers and gear racks which manage lamellar or “vasistas” windows, built according to the project specifications.

The Eliopig forced ventilation systems are systems which allow to control the internal air exchange with the air coming from outside, thanks to wall or chimney extractors and to automatic diffusers  which manage the inlet air flux.

Both natural and forced ventilation are controlled by electronic control units produced by the company itself connected to temperature probes, anemometers, and other specific dispositive, for a precise management of the indoor climate.

Stainless steel tanks and cisterns

Eliopig offers tanks for the green corn made of stainless steel AISI304, complete with mixing groups equipped with an electrical motor of 5,5 HP. They are available for different capacities, varying from 100 q to 500 q. Eliopig also produces stainless steel cisterns, insulated or not, for the water and whey storage, with capacities from 100 q to 400 q, and the possibility to install refrigerating plate exchangers and mixing group.

Distribution line

Eliopig also produces feeding systems with stainless steel distribution lines for the feed distribution in the pig farms and the milk distribution in the calf farms.
The interception and the drain are managed by diaphragm pneumatic valves or electric valves of our own production.