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Eliopig helps you to develop highly technological interconnected plants, leading your firm to the future 4.0 of smart factories. Eliopig also deals with zero-km bio-economy, in order to allow your firm to transform waste and organic residues into energy.

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More and more farms are moving towards agro-energy: renewable sources of energy derived from the fermentation of organic matter, such as agricultural and animal waste. Biogas exploitation allows the production of renewable energy through public incentives, and reduces the environmental impact. Recycling waste materials helps you to reduce gas emissions, and even generate energy for the firm itself, while reducing the costs. Find out how to get the incentives for the production of electricity from renewable sources and build your own biogas plant. Reduce the costs and improve the profits of your farm.

Starting from the traditions and culture of animal husbandry, tools and technologies are now available for animal husbandry that can improve agricultural productivity and the welfare of livestock raised. Having a modern livestock facility means choosing to optimize your production and support the environment, thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies for climate control of the sheds. Through a remote-control computer system, you can monitor work and processes. Optimize your farm shed performance and find out how to get “Industry 4.0” incentives for the digital and technological transformation of your enterprise.

Agriculture 4.0 stands for Artificial Intelligence and robotics to expand, speed up and make more efficient the activities affecting the agricultural supply chain. Electronic and technological management of livestock farming makes it possible to reduce the time spent on repetitive work and to monitor animal health and nutrition. A computerized feeding system allows data and notifications to be generated, controlling and automating processes. This is done through a remote digital interface using instrumentatis such as sensors, wireless collars, automatic scales, feeding robots etc. All these devices are instrumental goods included in the incentives of the “Industry 4.0” model.

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