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Eliopig is a leader in the production of zootechnical equipment.

Our company has set up plants for farms for over thirty years, especially farms for pigs. Eliopig offers a wide range of services based on the specific client’s needs for the different growth stages of the animal, for example gestation, weaning and fattening.            Eliopig employs the best technologies available on the market, in order to guarantee the ideal temperature and ventilation inside the different structures, which offer the best comfort to the animals.

. Plants for liquid and dry feeding systems

Eliopig offers different solutions for the dry and liquid feeding systems according to the specific characteristics of the farm, only by using components completely and directly produced by our company.

The plants for chain transport for dry feeding are used in order to ration food, and they are installed with towing, elbows, drain and doser of various types according to the different phases of the animal growth. Eliopig offers a specific solution for calves farms, which includes a special hopper made of stainless steel, suitable for animal feed based on pellet, straw and flakes.

There are many solutions for liquid feeding and they are all designed specifically according to the different employments. Preparation plants, also known as kitchens, are composed by one or more tanks, while the automatic distribution of the liquid takes place through centrifugal pumps or screw pumps, stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 1”1/2-2” and membrane valve, which can be spherical or electric. The feeding management occurs through the CHEF computer-controlled system.

Often, the animal diet should be supplemented with additional fats. For this reason, Eliopig has developed a fattening machine that has a storage role and measures out the animal solid fats to enrich animal feed. This machine is composed of a strong insulated stainless steel sheet AISI304, in order to avoid heat loss. Moreover, the control of animal fat temperature is carried out through a system made of heating plates, hot water flow and electrical coils.

The features of the fattening machine guarantee:

  • Unaltered quality of the product
  • Product hygiene
  • Long-lasting
Birth and Weaning

Eliopig offers the best solutions even for the birth and weaning phases, such as:

pigs copia

Pig farrowing crates

Our crates are composed of a frame made of zinc-coated iron or stainless steel AISI304 and by a stainless steel feeder. The floor of the birth box can be developed in different ways: cast iron grating, zinc-coated rod or triangle, polypropylene or plastic-coated monobloc.

pig copia

Weaning box

Eliopig offers weaning boxes for piglets, built with a perimetral tube of 30x30mm with welded stainless steel vertical pipes with a diameter of 16mm. As an alternative to this solution, boxes can be made with seven pipes with a diameter of 1” or with plastic walls with a thickness of 3,5cm.

. Sorting machines
fattening pigs and gestation

Do you want to handle your farm more efficiently? Eliopig offers you the possibility to automatically feed and sort your animals in an easier way, thanks to the collaboration with the Dutch company Nedap Livestock Management.

Our sorting machines adapt to any type of plant, allowing to personalize the different training stages and to automate the pigs’ sorting towards the various feeding areas. In the gestation stage each sow will be individually managed and with precision by means of a transponder and of our software. While fattening pigs will be led to slaughter after having reached the right weight. The capture phase is easy and intuitive and the data related to the animals selected are visible and can be exported in csv file. With the sorting stations of the pigs you can monitor the animals’ growth, foresee in advance problems and diseases.

. Growing-finishing and Fattening phases

Eliopig offers a wide range of boxes for swine growing-finishing. These are built with a perimetral tube of 30x30mm with welded stainless steel (AISI304) vertical pipes; as an alternative to this solution, boxes can be made with eight horizontal pipes with a diameter of 1” or with plastic walls with a thickness of 5cm.

While for the fattening, Eliopig offers different solutions, such as boxes made with six horizontal tubes in stainless steel AISI304 with a diameter of 48mm, or boxes with an inox frame of 30×30 mm with welded vertical round pipes with a diameter of 25mm. Troughs and feeders are completely made of stainless steel, and a feeding system for both dry and liquid animal feed can be added to all the solutions proposed.

. Forced and natural ventilation

Eliopig provides clients with ideal solutions to guarantee suitable air exchanges for animals, through natural, manual and fully automatic ventilation systems.

Manual ventilation systems are controlled through a mechanization with steel or aluminum levers, and racks that control laminar or vasistas windows, according to the project’s requirements.

Eliopig’s forced ventilation systems are plants that allow air exchange with the external environment through wall-extractor or “chimney” extractor, and by means of automatic diffusers that handle the incoming air flow.

The ventilation control, both natural and forced, happens through electronic control panels made by our company, which are linked to temperature sensors/probes, anemometers, and other specific devices for a precise management of indoor climate.

Distribution line

Eliopig produces plants with stainless steel lines for the distribution of swill in swine farms and of milk in calves farms. The drain is handled by membrane or electric pneumatic valves made by us.

Stainless steel tubs and tanks

Stainless steel tubs and tanks: Eliopig proposes tanks for green maize made of stainless steel AISI304, complete with mixing groups and with an electric engine of 5,5 HP. Tanks have a capacity that varies from 100q to 500q.

Eliopig also produces stainless steel tanks, both insulated and for the water and whey storage from 100q to 400q. Furthermore, there is the possibility to install cooling plate exchangers and a mixing group.

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