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It is possible to link several automated systems to a unique control point to access the web interface and to the statistical data of different CHEF, creating a real control center. Furthermore, an application is available for the topographical data management and for the statistics inside the barns.


CHEF computer-controlled system guarantees a full control of the feeding plant installed, thanks to high reliability and security standards. This computer-controlled system can be highly customized and allows a remote control through ADLS or mobile devices.

The user can interact with the system through a pc or by using a touch-screen located on all the machines. The simplicity of the interface allows to set up and control the whole system, thanks to an intuitive division by category of parameters and screens. The system allows the user to visualize the different stages of the feeding process in a detailed way, showing the boxes’ data, the control timing and the quantities inside the tanks.

The inputs and outputs’ status are visualized, allowing a constant monitoring of all the operations and also underlying possible anomalies or malfunctions, which are later handled by the user. The information about the different system states are periodically stored for a better remote control, even pre-recorded.

CHEF system is able to track the consumption of the different components, to trace the preparation and the distribution for each box, creating a report file in .csv format, which is compatible with modern spreadsheets like Office, Openoffice, or other software for the traceability management of third-parties. The statistical information of the deaths, with customized details about the causes, are included in the equipment and they can be analyzed in a specific page of the system. Here you have the possibility to apply choice criteria and topographical grouping, according to lines, groups or sectors of the farm. All the files composing the data structure of the system are exportable through USB stick, or they can be accessed remotely.


SAM system allows the automation of the feeding process for animals. It is a computer-controlled system composed of an operating panel (PC panel based on Windows with a monitoring software) and interface components with the mechanics of the plant.


This system handles the food distribution up to the feeder, based on the information provided by the user about the present population, the shape of the plant and the supply curves.

Its main functions are:

  • Data generation about the food distributions carried out
  • Alarm management of control on process malfunctions
  • Management of plant blocks for security when there are particular anomalies
  • Management of the user interface locally or remotely through Web browser

The C4 climate control system of the barns takes care of setting up an optimal climate inside the area of animal housing, by working on the air inlet and extractions, or by activating the heating or cooling auxiliary systems.

It is composed by two main elements:

  • Operator panel: PC panel based on Windows with a monitoring software
  • Interface components with the mechanics of the plant

SPA control unit allows monitoring the performance of the sorting machines. Animals’ growth is constantly monitored on statistical terms: the average weight and the distribution of the population’s weight are always available. Several data allows to draw up a detailed report on the animals’ performance from the entry into the farm up to the sale.


Its main functions are:

  • Precision weighting
  • 2 configurable levels of training
  • Sorting phase according to the weight
  • Balanced sorting phase based on the two feeding areas
  • Final selection with a maximum number of livestock that can be set in a dynamic way
  • Comprehensive and stored data
  • Stand-alone functioning
  • Possibility of connection to AWNZ for the management of swill feeding at will

CVF3000 control units for remote management allows the user to monitor, and locally to modify, the main parameters of climate facilitating the user.

The installed control units in the different rooms are monitored by the C4, they are remotely visible and configurable.

. CMV2000

  • Automatic control unit for the animal feeding plants (mash)
  • It carries out the automatic calculation of the quantities according to daily needs
  • It can handle up to 4 working hours and 4 recipes

. CVF1000

  • Control unit for the automatic monitoring of the fans
  • The speed is proportionally regulated from 0 to 100%
  • It allows the management of the starting and stopping of the heating and the alarms

. CVF2000

Control units for the automatic monitoring of the forced ventilation, the heating, the cooling, the alarm management, the nest lamps, the mats and the management of growth curves.

. CVN2000

Control units for the automatic monitoring of natural ventilation. It is able to handle up to 4 fully independent areas and the opening of the windows in a proportionate way.

. ECOMAX 1000/2000

Automatic control unit for green maize (mash). It carries out the automatic calculation of the quantities according to daily needs. Management of up to 4 working hours and 4 recipes.


Development of electrical panels of medium power with or without PLC, or boards for the management of feed mills complete with screens and declaration of conformity.


  • Weighing and dosing systems
  • Weighing carts for pigs
  • Dosing system for medicated liquids or dry

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